sales & licensing

sales & licensing

Castec is proud to serve the Australian and International community by distributing its innovative technology around the world. Bring Castec on board for your next project.

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The Castec Trenching Arm is designed and manufactured in Australia and can be acquired through licensing agreements with the contractors or purchaser(s).

Helcon Contracting Australia Pty Ltd has commenced commercial operations utilising the Castec Trenching Arm in New South Wales for shoring and retaining walls within residential and commercial developments. Distribution outside of NSW and overseas will take place independently by TCM Design. With the licensing agreement, a fee will be paid to Castec Pty. Ltd. for ongoing marketing and support services.

The Castec Trenching Arm and Continuous Trenching System is fully certified and is delivered with all related manuals, safety agreements, and risk assessments. Castec also provides an intensive training program to properly instruct our clients about operating the technology safely and efficiently. The Arm is easy to set up and transport, resulting in less down time and more effective application.

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Keeping Up With Castec

Castec is working towards completing its latest model, which will be released later this year. The company’s latest Trenching Arm is versatile enough to manoeuvre through even the tightest work sites yet still holds the capacity to tackle your largest projects.

We are currently working on a start-up for work in Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries for basement car parks and infrastructure works for in-ground services. In Australia, we will continue to expand our domestic reach throughout all territories.

Castec through TCM Design Pty Ltd has received an R&D Grant in its development of the Castec machine.

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