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It’s what drives us to create the most cutting-edge technological solutions on the market today.

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Revolutionising the Civil

Foundations Industry

Introducing the Castec Trenching Arm. Developed over ten years, this groundbreaking piece of technology has the ability to dig and continually cast concrete retaining walls, sub-terraneously, 300mm wide and to a depth of 6 meters. It is the fastest, most precise and energy efficient trenching arm on the market today.

The Complete Package

Castec is a unique machine that excavates and casts, in reinforced concrete, shoring walls in one singular operation. The process is eco-friendly, there is no need to de-water water charged ground and, due to its simplistic design, it is safer and easier to operate than traditional models. If you haven’t considered Castec, it’s time you take a closer look.

Complete Jobs Faster

The Castec Trenching Arm can build 1,000 sq. meters of wall in 3-4 days compared to 10-45 days using our closest competitor.

Unmatched Precision

Walls can be cast within fifty millimeters of adjoining properties and can operate in soft soils, sand and sandy clay.

Cost Effective

Less preparation and less time on-site means reduced costs. Castec’s versatility minimises the cost of additional machinery.


Helcon Contracting Australia Pty Ltd has commenced commercial operations utilising the Castec Trenching Arm in New South Wales for shoring and retaining walls within residential and commercial developments.

Outside NSW, the arm will be available through licensing agreements with the contractors or purchaser(s). Overseas distribution will take place independently by TCM Design. A licensing fee will be paid to Castec Pty. Ltd. for ongoing marketing and support services.

The Castec Trenching Arm and Continuous Trenching System is fully certified and is delivered with all related manuals, safety agreements, and risk assessments. Castec also provides an intensive training program to properly instruct our clients about operating the technology safely and efficiently.

To learn more about our Sales and Licensing Agreements get in touch.

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Helcon Screw Piles

Helcon Contracting Australia Pty Ltd has been a staple in the civil foundations industry since 2008. Their innovative approach to doing business and commitment to excellence makes us proud to call them our business partner. Find out more about Helcon and how they are reinventing the screw pile industry.

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